No Backstreet without Boys. No Venga without Boys.
Life’s easier when we help each other.

That’s why we connect students on Studydrive and encourage them to support each other. Together, we master any exam, any paper and any job interview.

Our values

We want your studies to be as easy and successful as possible. Everyday, we work hard to achieve this goal. At the same time, we always stay true to
ourselves, we are:

  • helpful
  • reliable
  • open-minded
  • easy-going
  • ambitious

Our team

We are hiding behind pop-ups and chats.
With your help, we bring Studydrive to life.

Alberto Business Analyst Power-one-armed-guy
Alina Head of Customer Success Management Dream Alchemist
Angela Head of New Venture Head of Heels
Anna Accounting & Office Manager Number Juggler
Bruno Software Developer Semi Junior Vice Assistant Ninja
Chiara Community Manager Human interaction magician
Daniel iOS Developer Apple Farmer
Dori Customer Success Manager Sub-Lieutenant
Finn Android Developer Galactic Viceroy of Research Excellence
Franci Human Resources Head of Fake Business Smiles
Hannes COO Chief Wizard of Infant Control
Henny Business Development Manager Fun Club President
Isabel PR Manager diction security engineer
Isabell Sales Manager Recycling Artist
Jenia Growth Manager Chief Chatter
Julia UX Designer Glitter & Konfetti Consultant
Klemens CTO Wizard of Lightbulb Moments
Lena Social Media Digital Overlord
Lukas UX Designer Lieutenant Internet
Manuel Sales Manager Scenographic Expert
Marina Customer Success Manager Cat cuddler
Max Performance Marketing Manager Something with media ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Micha Software Developer Code Cantor
Mucki Chief Happiness Officer Chief Sleep Coordinator
Philip Product Manager - Mobile Organizational Psychologist
Philipp Co-founder and CEO Chief Cheerleader
Radek Head of Product Inquiry to fun coordinator
Resi Head of HR Professional Dog Walker
Sadegh Software Developer Maverick
Steve Head of Growth One-legged bandit
Sven Co-founder and CEO Mister Backhand
Thiago Software Developer Fire Tamer
Vanildo Online Marketing Smile&First Impressions-Manager
Vicky Quality Assurance Undercover
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Our location

In the heart of the lively district Neukölln, you will find us in a charming old post office building surrounded by restaurants, cultural facilities, shopping and nightlife. That is the place, where we are giving our best to make our product a little bit better day by day.

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